Paul's Monitors

Paul's Monitors


Nothing makes an arcade cab feel more complete then a great looking monitor. Your monitor is what you're going to be looking at the most while you're enjoying and playing on your cab. The warm glow of a great looking and properly operating CRT monitor absolutely sets the arcade experience apart from any other gaming experience today.

Did you know that arcade monitors were designed to be maintained and serviced over time? Giving your monitor proper maintenance can help it last well over 40 years old and beyond. As these monitors age the capacitors dry out, fly backs crack and fail, diodes short, resistors open and so on. The good news is that all of these components can be replaced and will bring your monitor back to looking as good as new.

I provide a flat rate repair service to provide your arcade monitor with the maintenance and or repairs it needs to look its best. I will provide you with an up front quote so you'll know what it will cost and return shipping of the arcade monitor chassis is included in the quote. In many cases, getting your monitor repaired and preserving the original look of the cab is cheaper, better looking and easier than the alternative. Check out our services page to see what monitors I work on.

About Us


Hello, my name is Paul Juray,I have been fixing arcade games for over a decade and am offering monitor chassis maintenance and repair service.

I have repaired hundreds of arcade monitor chassis over the years and it's really something that I enjoy doing. I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic of arcade monitor repair and there's not much I can't fix these days. CRT maintenance and repair is becoming a lost art since were now living in an LCD world. In addition to my expertise I also possess all of the tools and parts needed to work on many different arcade monitors.

When I am not fixing arcade monitors I enjoy playing and adding games to my home arcade of over 25 machines. I love playing Pac-Man and all of it variants. My Baby Pac-Man is the latest Pac-Man Machine to my collection. John from john's arcade has a great video about baby Pac-Man. I am also a big fan of Spy Hunter and I think I might try for a world record run someday as I am pretty darn good at it. It also helps that I have great sit down Spy Hunter cab to practice on.

Our Services

These are the monitor chassis I am currently taking for repair. You can click on any of the links below to see pictures of the monitor chassis and help identify the chassis you have. If you need a chassis and don't have a chassis for repair I can sell you a newly rebuilt one too. If you're unsure of the chassis you have please send me a picture of the one you have and I can help you identify it. If you need help learning how to safely discharge your monitor, remove your monitor chassis from the frame or how to pack the monitor chassis for shipping please check out my how to videos in the gallery.

All of my chassis and maintenance and repair work comes with a 90 day warranty.

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Feel free to send me a message

For a quote, questions, or help identifying your monitor please send me an email and pictures of your monitor to

I try to answer all emails promptly but please allow me up to 48 hours to respond to your email.